School Management


The day to day activities of the school are run by tested teachers with relevant academic qualifications under the leadership of Alh. Bayo Hammed, a highly experienced educationist. He works directly with a committee set up by the board for effective management of the school.


Great emphasis is given to memorization of the quran with not less than fifteen teachers all of whom are hafiz.


The school has well equipped computer laboratory with computer training contracted to a computer firm. Unlike other places where the available computers are only to be seen, our pupils are given the opportunity to interact with computers to drive home the message from the computer instructors.


Pupils are given Nigerian food prepared with high hygiene and health standard in mind. Basically the boarders are served three main meals daily. Fruits are also served to boost their vitamins and mineral levels.


There is a standard sick bay with a qualified nurse and first aid provision in the school. Serious medical cases are referred to one of the leading private hospitals in Ibadan, Continental Medical Center. Parents are however, made to understand that medical expenses incurred on their children will be paid for.


We appreciate the need to learn the quran memorization twice daily. As a result, adequate provision is made to make our hostels another home located away from family home. Boys and girls are housed in different hostels. The two hostels are managed by housemasters and mistresses on a ratio of 1:20, apart from the cleaners who clean the hostels and launders who wash the pupils dresses.


Special training, seminars and workshops are conducted for teachers. These cover provision of Technical advice and support on curriculum planning, I.C.T training and refresher courses especially on Montessori in their fields. Some of them are also allowed to proceed on post N.C.E training on in-service basis.


There is land space for recreational purpose. Besides, there are safe outdoor recreational facilities for the kids. Every Wednesday is also taken as sports day and self-defense training is conducted on weekends for boarders. This is to ensure that learning is not made unduly boring.


Parents enjoy un-restricted access to the school management. Constructive criticism is also encouraged. The P.T.A  of the school is currently being run by experienced and well informed parents.